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Energy Efficiency

Preparing for Heating Season - Sealing Drafts in Walls

Continuing our discussion of preparing for the winter heating season, we’ll take a look at sealing drafts. Many conversations about improving energy efficiency for winter heating jump straight into expensive propositions - new high efficiency furnaces, new replacement windows, and extensive insulation. However, studies have proven that much of the heat lost from a building is from the small, cumulative losses. We’ll take a look at some of the DIY steps that you can take before jumping to the larger, costlier propositions.


Preparing for Heating Season - Thermal Control

Today we’ll look at applying some lessons from commercial projects to your home to save on your heating costs.


Preparing for Heating Season - Furnace Maintenance

As the nights become cooler, people are thinking about the coming winter and keeping their houses warm. Some of you have already turned on your furnaces. Others are starting the annual competition to see how long you can hold out before committing to the cost to heat your home. Here are some tips and considerations to keep your heating bills in line this winter.