Simply Stated Architecture, P.C.

Rendering Projects

A critical element in the design process is being able to convey the design information to everyone involved in the project. Traditional construction drawings can be difficult for laymen to understand - not to mention even some professionals! Fortunately, computer aided drafting has answered that with easy 3D drawings and the ability to do renderings. Let me show you how we can help you realize your goals.


Taking Care of the Little Things

When people think of "architecture" their thoughts often jump straight to the large projects - entire buildings, major additions, or major alterations to an existing building. In a way, this is like only considering doctors for the major surgeries and ignoring them for the minor injuries, colds, and assorted issues that we face in daily life. Often, involving an architect and his expertise in even a small project can be beneficial in the same way that visiting the doctor for a checkup or minor issue can be beneficial - both in that it can prevent the larger problems as well as in that it can improve your daily life by resolving those minor issues. Let’s take a quick look at architects through history and what an architect can do for you.