Simply Stated Architecture, P.C.

Rendering Projects

A critical element in the design process is being able to convey the design information to everyone involved in the project. Traditional construction drawings can be difficult for laymen to understand - not to mention even some professionals! Fortunately, computer aided drafting has answered that with easy 3D drawings and the ability to do renderings. Let me show you how we can help you realize your goals.

All of our projects start with 3D modeling and renderings. Not only does this allow all stakeholders to understand the design, but it also helps us to limit interferences that are not seen on 2D plans, sections, and elevations. There can be issues with things such as headroom or other clearances when only looking at “flat” drawings.

We also have the ability to integrate our models and renderings with photographs of actual conditions to more clearly illustrate how the finished project will integrate.

Here are samples of simple renderings that were done for a local business that was considering adding an awning to the front of their shop.

The current shop

A domed awning over the entrance door

An extended awning across the front of the building

Years ago, this building had been built as a barn and the upstairs window is at the second floor level as it had been a door to the barn loft. This did not leave much room for an awning over the door. This was a simple and quick rendering that helped visualize the possibilities and that the domed awning did not fit well in the space.

Another set of renderings done for a client were to show what a simple facelift - new windows, roofing, and siding - could do for an older building.

The current building

Starting the modeling process

The finished rendering re-inserted into the photograph

But don’t think that all that we can do is building exteriors. Interiors are just as much a possibility for us.